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InFabbrica for “The era of artificial intelligence”

Prof. Carlo Salvato presented the results of the AUB Observatory at Bonfiglioli S.p.a, in Bologna.

Family businesses, strength and future challenges

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80% of companies in Brescia are family-owned: "1 out of 3 is led by managers older than 70"

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Generational change: opportunities for businesses

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Brembo, 500 million plan: investments focusing on China

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Family businesses, a resource

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In the Brescia area, 8 out of 10 companies with a turnover of over 20 million are family owned

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Leadership Succession: Selecting an internal or external successor?

On FFI Practitioner, Paolo Morosetti explores the complexities involved in the process of selecting the successor in a family enterprise and shares an approach to help your clients answer the fundamental question of whether to select an internal or external successor.

Getting ready for heirs' attack

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Individuals at the core, the message of Umbrian companies to students

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