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Since 2011, the AIDAF-EY Chair and the UniCredit Group have continuously organized workshops on the Italian territory dedicated to the presentation of data from the AUB Observatory. The subjects who are typically invited to participate in such events are entrepreneurs, managers of family businesses, members of entrepreneurial families, etc.

Since 2011, the Chair has also carried out thematic research focuses on family businesses located in specific geographic areas and / or on family businesses operating in specific sectors.

Here below you can download the focus reports made by the AUB Observatory (in Italian).

Approfondimento di ricerca sulle aziende di Milano, Monza Brianza e Lodi

Approfondimenti sulle cessioni delle aziende avvenute nel periodo 2015-2018

Approfondimenti sulla distribuzione dei dividendi delle aziende familiari

Approfondimento sul settore fashion

Approfondimenti sulla presenza delle donne nelle aziende familiari

Confronto internazionale Italia-Francia-Germania

Politica dei dividendi nelle imprese familiari italiane con fatturato superiore a € 50 milioni