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Family Business Festival

Since 2018, Corriere della Sera, AIDAF and the AIDAF-EY Chair of Bocconi University have been promoting and organizing the "Family Business, a family business laboratory festival", a project dedicated to family businesses in which these firms can discuss and tell each other about their own demanding.

In fact, although family firms are the prevailing form of business in many advanced and developing economies, there are still few spaces for public discussion dedicated to this type of business.
It is a project designed for entrepreneurs, large and small, which can foster discussion on issues such as the generational transition, the governance models most suited to fostering growth paths, the impact of family relationships on corporate strategies, techniques to address legal and corporate issues.

Family businesses are particular economic actors because they combine to the component of the sector to which they belong, the market, the organization, the structure etc. also some "invisible" elements, linked to the family, which have an equally important impact. To cite a few examples, the state of family relationships: if they do not function properly and in the absence of a system of governance that limits them, the company suffers; or, again, the law of inheritance: it impacts on "normal" people but affects the transmission of company ownership in a very significant way.
The Family Business - Festival Laboratory of Family Businesses, was created to get to know one of the pillars of our economy better, with attention to business but a particular eye to people.

Maria Silvia Sacchi, Guido Corbetta
Directors Family Business, a family business laboratory festival


The Family Business Festival is now in its third edition. In particular:

  • The third edition of the Family Business Festival took place between the 29th and the 30th of October 2020 in Turin, at the Nuvola Lavazza. You can view the full program and agenda by clicking on the following link: