Individuals at the core, the message of Umbrian companies to students

FBA 2023

Individuals at the core, the message of Umbrian companies to students

"The focus on human capital". This common thread unites four of the major Umbrian companies: Brunello Cucinelli, Aboca, Fornaci Briziarelli, and Cancelloni Food Service. This is the theme that most struck the thirty students, members of the Family Business Association (FBA) at Bocconi, from the London Business School and St. Gallen Clubs who took part in the in-company visit trip organized in Perugia from April 16th to 19th. Livia Silvi and Federico Puddu, co-presidents of the Association, believe that since its foundation in 2015, the main focus of the association has been to promote networking between students and entrepreneurs, perhaps by initiating a broad collaboration project to visit other entrepreneurial realities in countries such as England, Switzerland, or France.

The visit proved to be a valuable opportunity to witness firsthand the organization of these renowned companies, nationally and internationally recognized, yet still deeply rooted in family values and their local communities. Umbria is indeed a region where economic and social well-being, brought about by the entrepreneurial fabric, is combined with a high level of quality of life. The President of the Umbria Region, Donatella Tesei, who received Livia Silvi and an international delegation of students, explained how the funds provided by the Pnrr have been invested in infrastructure, redevelopment of villages, inland areas and the airport, aimed at promoting sustainable luxury tourism. The ultimate goal is to encourage young people who have studied abroad to return and invest in the region.

As a matter of fact, the companies, although deeply rooted in the territory, are keen on ongoing changes and stand out for their particular focus on people. Brunello Cucinelli has a free weaving school to enable younger generations to learn a trade. Attention to workers is a distinctive trait of Cucinelli, who has always combined visionary entrepreneurial skills in the luxury sector with the idea of developing work that respects human beings' moral and economic dignity. Briziarelli, founded at the end of the 19th century and recognized as one of the most important companies in the national construction sector, producing high-quality bricks and terracotta products, is a company that is very attentive to the needs of its employees, even intervening at the family level.

Aboca's name already reflects its mission, as it is derived from "Abiga," an ancient dialectal name for a medicinal plant with purifying properties. To this day, the company, a leader in the healthcare sector, focuses on promoting health by investing in research and development in order to find 100% natural products. For 60 years, Cancelloni Food Service has been creating added value for restaurant professionals, with a focus on environmental awareness and love for their territory, guiding their daily and strategic choices while always placing people at the center. Being a family business not only means taking on responsibilities to ensure business continuity and balance between family members, but also guaranteeing the protection of employees. Furthermore, "a happy worker is also a more loyal and productive worker."